If you have made it down to Second Sight Spirits in the last few years, you’ll know that it wasn’t the biggest place in town. Their small taproom only had room for around 17 people to hang out at any given time. That was ok, though. What they didn’t have in space they more than made up for in quirky fun – and it quickly became a favorite spot of a lot of the folks that I have talked to who took a trip down to see what they were all about.

Well… good news for us. As they prepare to celebrate their fourth anniversary they are also prepping to open up their long awaited expansion which will take their capacity all the way up to 94 guests.

About The New Space

This new expansion is a big one. They’re adding a full-service bar, a coffee house, and a performance stage so that they can offer up some entertainment to their guests.

It’s not proper Second Sight news if they aren’t also doing some fun stuff along with the growth. They’ve let us know that along with a new bar comes a really fun “interactive” piece that sounds pretty awesome. The backbar will feature a big gold mirror that uses a couple tricks to feature some historical “spirits” who will talk to you as you’re grabbing a drink.

It’s all part of the idea behind Second Sight – a lot of fun plans are coming to give them an edge that makes their small size less of an issue, and more of a positive part of who they are.

Stay tuned, and check out the new expansion starting around April 20th 2019 down at their Ludlow tasting room!

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