Brewery – Rhinegeist
Beer – Nitro Cobbstopper
Style – Gose
ABV – 4.4%

Musing on our bright and frisky Peach Dodo, this nitro nocturne is suffused with a healthy dose of vanilla and lactose. The result is a tart and silky reverie revealing notes of luscious peach cobbler, vanilla cream and soft spice. Dream on.

This limited release seasonal from Rhinegeist is definitely perfect for summertime sipping. Think about peaches and cream in a glass – and you get the point of what they’re doing here. The decision to put it in a nitrogenated can is a brilliant one… this becomes a beautiful dessert of a beer.

Though this says that it was created as a take on Peach Dodo, it’s most definitely a whole new beer, and in my opinion? A great departure from the now very familiar character of Rhinegeist’s cincy-famous puckeringly-tart peach gose.

My Thoughts on Rhinegeist Nitro Cobbstopper

Unlike most beer notes – on this one mine start even before I crack the can open. This beer was a gift from the folks at Rhinegeist, and attached was a note which told me “for the optimal pour – shake before opening, and pour hard.” I have to admit, this was new to me. I’ve heard to pour hard with Nitro beers before (especially those that don’t include a widget)… but shake it?

It felt wrong…

I shook my can up, and carefully and slowly cracked open the can – Success!!! I poured hard, poured fast and continued my taste journey.

In the glass the beer was light yellow and the cascading bubbles quickly formed a thick, creamy head on top of the glass.

Aromas of light peach immediately hit the nose. Light and fresh, it’s closer to “peaches on a breeze” than it is sticking your nose into a fresh peach as you’re eating it. Getting my nose in the glass though… they build in intensity and start to strengthen.

The flavor is immediately tart and fruity. The creaminess helps the flavor linger a little longer than it would otherwise, and by the second or third sip it’s starting to go down a lot faster than it was before. Nitro Cobbstopper is a must purchase if you see it on shelves soon… spectacular example of what you can do with sour beer to turn it into a different experience.

*Note – This beer was sent to me as a gift from Rhinegeist, and while it doesn’t change my thoughts… you should know that I didn’t buy it before writing these notes

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