I’m not ready for this – the dive into Bourbon. It’s not that I don’t know about Bourbon, I freaking love the stuff. I also know plenty about it to talk about it. The massive topic of ‘America’s Spirit’ is just that, massive. So this is most definitely not a “Bourbon show”. It’s an exploration of a bar. It just so happens that the bar supposedly has the largest selection of Bourbon and Rye in the world.

I was joined for this episode by my good friend and member of the local band Hunting Agnes. You’ve heard these guys, even if you don’t know it. They do all the show music for Drinking With The Gnome – and they’re fantastic. We set up shop at The Newberry Brothers Prohibition Bourbon Bar in Newport Kentucky to talk about exactly what you can expect from the bar when you visit (and visit you should!). We drank a few bourbons, tried to make sense of it all and had a blast.

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