Cincinnati’s cider game is growing every day, and it’s built up plenty of strength – championed by the do it all hub of drinking happiness that is called March First. I’ve talked about the things that this brewery/cidery/distillery is doing a lot on this website. From their recent Ciderpalooza to the introduction of some really delicious spirits into the marketplace. They have a big idea of what can be done with drinking in Cincinnati, and the Cincinnati Music Hall definitely took notice when their annual May Festival reached out to start a discussion about a collaboration.

About The May Festival

The May Festival is a series of concerts that run from May 17th through May 25th. This series is designed to celebrate the most intimate and personal of all musical instruments… the human voice. They tell stories of our shared humanity through the enveloping sound of a hundred voices and the amazing Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

This year’s festival explores the Great Beyond – and now you can do it with a delicious Peach and Apricot Cider in hand! This summery treat will be fantastic to pair not only with the music at Music Hall – but with the summer sun, and patio drinking weather that we are headed full force into!

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