There has been a vibrant, exciting and delicious community of breweries crafting sour beers here in Cincinnati, and I tasked myself with getting them all in the same room together to dive into this often misunderstood and under appreciated art form. We opened a few bottles (some very loudly) and explored as deeply as we could what makes it all work.

From what got people into the “sour world” to what it means to spontaneously ferment a beer… there were a lot of topics we touched on… so hang in there for a heck of a ride!

You also might want to pay attention this week for the “secret word” – I’m going to be giving some stuff away on social media, but you’ll need that to win!

Guests This Week

  • Chase Legler – Sonder
  • Garrett Hickey – Streetside
  • Jason Roeper – Rivertown
  • Josh Elliot – Urban Artifact
  • Lindsay Roeper – Rivertown
  • Luke Cole – Rhinegeist
  • Luke Shropshire – Sonder
  • Mitch Dougherty – Rhinegeist
  • Simon Kretchick – MadTree

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