Why not take a couple of those topics that have a tendency to get a little heated in online discussions and pull them apart a little bit on this weeks episode? I can’t promise that we ever actually solve any of the beer world’s biggest problems, but we certainly talked about them and had a few great beers in the meantime.

We were live in the Gnome studios, deep underground which means we can dig into the beer fridge for a nice variety of stuff from around town – and that’s exactly what we did. From a great IPA to a donut beer and a big peanut butter imperial stout, there was no shortage of beer flowing!

Where do you stand on the topic? Do you like kids in breweries? What about dogs in breweries? Maybe it’s all relative? Is it a case of it just being a ‘Time and place for everything?’ Chime in with your thoughts – you can even send a voicemail at 567-70-DRINK to let us know how you feel about the topic at hand!

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Guests This Week

  • Andy Foltz – Co-Hosting
  • Joe Easton – Craft Beer Joe
  • Ian Ruth – Family and Brews Cincinnati

From The Beer Fridge

  • Municipal Brew Works – Scout
  • Rivertown – SprinkAle
  • Fretboard – Cool Meditation
  • DogBerry – Time, Blue!
  • Urban Artifact – The Missing Linck

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