I love, love, LOVE the Punch Out at Fifty West. It’s one of those events that brings the community together. People smile, laugh, drink a few beers and watch each other punch each other’s faces into the warm night. It’s exactly how most of my family reunions go. It’s not a surprise then that show co-host Andy Foltz referred to the yearly event as Cincinnati Beer’s family reunion of sorts.

It sounds to me like the perfect chance to set up a table to do a brewcast!

We grabbed some of our friends that we saw scattered around the event, and dove in. What makes something like this work, and what makes it so important to the craft beer community? These are the things that needed answered.

We found out what a few breweries have been up to – we finally caught up with Brian and Kenny from BC’s bottle lodge, and we gave away a set of tickets to the upcoming ‘Hops in the Hangar’ beer festival.

Overall, I think this Punch Out is exactly what we needed to fire us up, and push us into a new enthusiasm for what this is all about.

Guests This Week

  • Andy Foltz – Co-Host
  • Sean Willingham – Municipal Brew Works
  • Eric Bosler – Darkness Brewing
  • Andy Reynolds – Alexandria Brewing Company
  • Brian Brownlow – BC’s Bottle Lodge
  • Kenny Jamil – BC’s Bottle Lodge
  • Tom Stover – Warped Wing
  • Brandon Bird – Our ‘Name That Beer’ Contestant
  • Bryan Fischer – March First
  • Justin Neff – Sonder Brewing Company

From The Beer Fridge

  • Alexandria Brewing Company – RECA Ralph
  • Alexandria Brewing Company – Brother’s In Arms
  • Sonder – Orange Julius You Betcha!

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