The folks over at Dead Low Brewing (located in California, Ohio – that’s right by Coney Island and 275) have been flying a little bit under the radar. Unless you’ve been watching them on social media that is.  They’ve been keeping their fans up to date on their progress, and have been showing off their big brewpub every step of the way, getting people pretty excited for this month’s grand opening.

The brewery announced this week online that the date is officially set, October 10th from 3-10pm with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 2:45 – but if you’ve been out of the loop… who are they?  What can you expect?

About Dead Low

Dead Low looks down the block from them for their inspiration… the River. The brewery is not only walking distance from Coney Island, Riverbend, PNC Pavillion and Belterra Park, they’re walking distance from the Ohio River, which they just couldn’t ignore.

The name Dead Low is a reference to a river term.  It is the absolute minimum amount of water that is needed for a boat to sail the river safely.  When the river was filled with paddle wheel boats, the steamboat leadsmen would cast out a lead line and sing aloud the depth of the river as a song so the pilot and crew could adjust the course of the boat.  Communities along the river would learn to identify steamboats based on the song of their leadsmen.  It’s one of the little pieces of river history that they knew was perfect to look upon for inspiration.

The Taproom

Dead Low’s taproom is nice and big, ready for those crowds after softball, or before a concert.  Between the indoor taproom and outdoor beer garden they are ready to seat well over 200 guests and have a few different experiences that you can find when you sit down.  The centerpiece of the taproom is a beautiful handcrafted bar from local sculptors Celene Hawkins and Jarret Hawkins, but you will also find high-top and low-top tables for more traditional seating.  They have couches over looking the beer garden and their large deck with separates and connects the taproom and the brewery.

While in the brewpub, you’ll find a menu that offers up a lot of options to please whatever crowd you might find yourself grabbing a drink with.  Some of the highlights include appetizers and sharable sides, burgers, pizza, salads, entrees and plenty in between.  The wanted to offer up a menu broader than the typical brewpub guest in Cincinnati is used to.  Their head chef Scotty Berens is dedicated to making all the food from scratch, providing a menu that isn’t just varied… but delicious as well.

The Team

This brewery project is headed up by Kyle Havens, Paul Ganim, and Christine Hall.  They looked here in town for a head brewer and found Greg Snow, who’s unique brewing talent was perfect for what they were looking for.  Their restauranteur partner is Dave Rinderle who found Scotty Berens for a head chef, someone who had the vision to make all the ends meet.

I’m thrilled to see these guys get their doors open, and I can’t wait to see what they’ve got for us. ┬áTheir great location should prove to be a much needed place to grab a beer!

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