You might be looking for a bar that’s a little more family friendly – right? It happens. I’ve got a family, that while they support the hobby that consumes my free time (exploring this world of imbibing) they don’t always want to (or aren’t always able to) enjoy the same places that I do. Rusty Bucket is a small chain of restaurants that fulfills the different sides of what I’m looking for when my family and I are headed out. ¬†They also satisfy the needs I might have when I’m hitting a place with my fiends, looking to have a drink and something to eat, and that’s a rare balance to have.

The Locations

As of writing this, Rusty Bucket and Tavern is located in six different states, all with the same concept.  You can find them in:

  • Ohio
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Florida
  • Colorado
  • North Carolina

But if we’re talking here, locally in Cincinnati (which we usually are) they’ve got a few locations that are conveniently located for you.  They’ve got spots in:

  • Oakley (Rookwood)
  • Mason (Deerfield)
  • West Chester (Liberty Center)
  • Dayton (The Dayton Mall)

This means that regardless of what part of town you’re in – there is likely a Rusty Bucket location that isn’t too hard for you to get to!

The Food

You don’t go to a place like Rusty Bucket unless you like to eat while you’re drinking.  And these folks don’t mess around with their menu.  While at first glance it looks like your standard bar/restaurant grub, it’s a step above what you’ll find at a lot of places.  They make it all from scratch, and it shows – it’s freaking delicious.  They strive to source as much of their ingredients locally as possible a move that may not show when you first glance over the menu, but to me certainly sets them apart from some of the places around them.  If you’re curious about some of the specifics you can browse their menu online if you’d like!

The Drinks

Much like their kitchen, Rusty Bucket doesn’t cut corners behind their bar, either.  The beer is a nice mix between the big brands that some folks still want, and a really nice mix of local and regional favorites that will make the geeks like me happy.

On the cocktail side, they make a big point of training their bar staff to think of what they do as a craft, and to take pride in the cocktails that they make.  They infuse spirits in house with things like peppers and pineapple, and these spirits play a feature role in a few of their drinks.  You also can’t go wrong with their draft margarita with a “bucket” side shot of extra tequila.

The Takeaway

If you are looking for a comfortable place to grab dinner, especially if you’re with your family or a large group – don’t miss out on Rusty Bucket.  I was absolutely blown away when I was in last at the quality of food that they have, and the atmosphere that they provide is top notch.

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