I’m a geek for this stuff. If you didn’t snag the collaboration last year from Sycamore Distilling’s Vodka Brand, Voltage and Doscher’s Candy – don’t make the same mistake this year, because it’s fantastic.

The super-popular schnapps is back for it’s second year, clocking in at 100 proof and made with the same peppermint oil that Doscher’s has been using for their candy canes for almost 150 years. When you crack open your bottle of this for a dash of holiday cheer, it fills the room with the wonderful scent of peppermint.

This bottle was so popular last year that it sold out in their March First taproom in just a month and a half. In an effort to make sure you’re able to get some this year, they doubled up production on the spirit. In addition to being available in the taproom, they’re sending some out to local liquor agencies too.

Keep your eyes peeled for the slick “Christmas Ornament inspired” bottle around town, and if you see it, snag one. At only $23.99 before tax I can’t think of an easier way to bottle up some holiday cheer.

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