It’s been another crazy week in the world of craft beer, and that means that I want to take a quick little journey outside of Cincinnati this week. I was joined by Justin and Danny from Sonder Brewing Company, but while at the start of the show we did dive into the cellar to drink some Cincinnati beer, the bulk of the conversation lies elsewhere.

New Belgium is selling themselves off to a foreign company – which means they aren’t going to be “craft beer” anymore – and I’m struggling to understand how I feel about that.

We take a deep look at what it means, and how it makes us feel… while we drink some great beers from Rhinegeist and Fifty West. A little peek behind the curtain… we were in Sonder Studios because we started the night by recording an episode of Sonder Stories – so you’ll wanna go ahead and subscribe to that if you haven’t already!

Hang in there… this is a fun one!

Guests This Episode

  • Justin Neff – Sonder Brewing Company
  • Danny Herold – Sonder Brewing Company

From The Beer Fridge

  • Rhinegeist INK (2014)
  • Fifty West – Ghost Of Imogene (2017)

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