I love the first chance that the show gets to sit down with a new brewery. It’s that first conversation where we get to dive into the story of place, or a person or an idea that turns into a new piece of Cincinnati’s brewing culture. Dead Low opened up for business in October of this year, and have already gained a good group of fans of not just the beer their brewing, or the great food that they’re cooking up – but of a taproom that is absolutely stunning as well.

In this episode, we dive into it all and try to dissect exactly what makes these folks who they are. We try a few beers and try to peek into the future to see where they’re going long term, and what makes a brewery successful in a city that’s getting as “beer-busy” as Cincinnati is these days.

Guests This Episode

  • Greg Snow – Head Brewery, Dead Low Brewing Company

From The Beer Fridge

  • Dead Low Brewing – River Runt RyePA
  • Dead Low Brewing – Timberhead Roasted Chocolate Stout
  • Dead Low Brewing – Woodhawk Honey Brown Ale

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