FigLeaf has been really hard at work since late last year when the announcement hit that they had been purchased by March First Brewing/Distilling hit the Cincinnati beer scene. They’ve been working their butts off on some pretty major taproom renovations including a really big, beautiful bar and a new patio and facade to the front of the building. As the weather warms up and construction starts completing I’ll update you on what to expect from the “new” taproom experience – but for now I wanna talk about another recent announcement about something they’ve been working on.

The brewery announced on their blog this week that they had redesigned their core cans with a new, brighter, bolder look that will 100% help them stand out on the shelf amazingly. In addition they let us know that while they aren’t ready to announce the full-lineup quite yet – there are most likely some fun surprises in store for releases this year.

The Evolution

Instead of just showing you the new designs (which like I said… I’m really digging, and I’d be completely happy with just showing you and calling it a day, they’re that pretty) I thought it’d be fun to show how their look has “evolved” over the short three-ish years that they’ve been around.

Their cans were first released in June of 2017 with the release of their Basmati Cream Ale – the design was nice… it used transparency to let the can show through the label with each brand getting it’s own distinctive color to let you know what it was. I still like these designs a lot – I actually think that the new designs (we’ll get to them in just a minute… I promise) call back to these designs a little bit.

The second “life” of the cans was born later with the design that is still (as of this writing) what you’ve most recently seen on shelves. The design is pretty good, with a colored bar designating what the beer is and a black bar on the bottom that showcases the brewery’s logo. The two ends of the label meet at the back of the can and when they come together make the FigLeaf “leaf-glass”. There’s some neat touches to this design, but the new one? Well… take a look at these!

I’m really, really digging these cans. The whole can is bold and bright with a single color to let you know what is in it. The FigLeaf “hop-glass” plays a prominent role still, but uses complimenting colors to everything else. The word FigLeaf is big and bold with the beer name right under it. Beautifully done – I can’t wait to see these start hitting shelves!

So – that brings up the big question – when? From what I’m hearing you’ll see Isotrope hitting first, sometime in late February followed up shortly afterwards by the Basmati, Blood Orange Blonde and Ponderous. After that? Stay tuned.

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