It was heartbreaking to watch Myrtle’s Punch House close – there aren’t many creative, inspired bars like that around – and the punch was freaking delicious, too. There were a lot of very sad fans that have been waiting to see if the idea could be resurrected somehow ever since.

Molly Wellmann has been busy with a big remodel of her “flagship” bar – Japp’s since the closing of Myrtle’s – and now that it’s completed shared some good news with her social media followers this week – Myrtle’s punch is returning – this time on tap at Japp’s.

The bar will start offering one rotating punch on their menu, available by the bowl or by the glass with the first punch on now, called Miss Myrtle (a blend of Vodka, Fresh Lemon, Passion Juice, Riesling Wine and just a touch of Molly’s homemade Triple Sec).

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