15 E. High Street, Oxford Ohio

I know, I know… there are a lot of you who aren’t going to be willing to drive to Oxford Ohio to go to a bar – it’s on the fringes of my “area” that I write about – but Steinkeller is also an absolute gem of a bar and worth the drive up, 100%.

The bar opened in uptown Oxford in 2000 and has been providing traditional German beer and food for students and “townies” alike ever since. While I much prefer the atmosphere that is provided when class is not in session… you really can’t go wrong anytime you choose to visit.

I was first introduced to Steinkeller by my wife who went to school at Miami, and who quickly made “Stein’s” a regular hangout spot with her friends. It’s funny… when someone tells you that there is an amazing German bar/restaurant in a town like Oxford, it’s easy to write them off and ignore it. It doesn’t make sense for a place like this to exist there – yet, there it is.

What To Expect

Steinkeller can be a little difficult to find, but that’s all part of the charm. A little sign marks the entrance at the top of a dark staircase off Main Street. Descending down the stairs, you start seeing English words become German words… by the time you get to the bottom of the staircase into the basement, you’ve been transported into a different world. The hustle and bustle of uptown Oxford has faded away and been replaced by the warm sounds of the Gem├╝tlichkeit of the beer hall.

Behind a big, heavy wooden door you’ll find a warmly lit German world that you had no idea was right under your feet a mere minutes ago. The bar has more than 20 traditional German beers on tap and the menu is loaded up with all my favorites, from Schnitzel to Bierwurst and everything in between.

You can get your beer in half or full liter… or if you’re feeling in the mood, you can get a 2-liter boot (and get to keep the glass). This bar is built for people to hang out, drink beer and spend time with each other. They’ve nailed what a German Beer Hall should be like, it feels authentic, comfortable and fun all the same time.

Steinkeller is located at 15 East High Street, In The Stone Cellar, Oxford Ohio 45056. You can check out their website here if you need hours or more information… just get there!

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