The construction on CincyBrewcast studios continues… and the progress inspired me to schedule another ‘In Studio’ show, this time a couple of great beer friends, Josh Engel (Raging Hop, who’s with March First… I guess he’s not really Raging Hop anymore) and Danny Herold from Sonder Brewing in Mason. It was a bit random, and the way it all came together is even more random – but we got together to do a vertical tasting of MadTree’s Thundersnow.

With five years of the Scottish Ale on hand (we missed 2017 somehow… we weren’t really sure what to expect from the beer, which isn’t known to be one that a lot of people cellar on purpose – but without spoiling anything, I can say that we were pleasantly surprised!

Guests This Episode

  • Josh Engel – March First
  • Danny Herold – Sonder Brewing

From The Beer Fridge

  • MadTree – Thundersnow 2014
  • MadTree – Thundersnow 2015
  • MadTree – Thundersnow 2016
  • MadTree – Thundersnow 2018
  • MadTree – Thundersnow 2019

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