Karrikin distillery is going to make some new folks in Ohio pretty happy with their latest news. As the brewery expands distribution into both the Columbus and Cleveland markets they take a major step into being one of the regions great distilleries.

Both new markets will start to get their hands on the distillery/brewery’s bottled spirits as well as the cans of their delicious ‘Sparkling Spirits’ in early March of this year which for you folks up north might bring up the big question… “What’s a Sparkling Spirit?” – If you missed my post on them when they launched, or missed the episode of Drinking With The Gnome where we covered them – I can give you a crash course:

Sparkling Spirits, A Crash Course

They might be one of the ultimate Summertime sippers, Sparkling Spirits. Making their debut from Karrikin in the spring of last year (2019) they combine craft-distilled spirits with craft made sodas that use handmade natural ingredients and what the distillery feels is the perfect amount of carbonation to offer up a low-calorie, full-flavored drink.

These aren’t hard seltzer, they’re not malt beverages… they’re their own, new category that kicks things up a notch or two and provides yet another great choice for consumers looking for soothing just a little bit different. The alcohol in each can is comparable to what you’d find in a beer, but their fans say that they don’t leave you with that “full feeling” that beer gives to a lot of folks.

If you’re curious to see Karrikin’s full lineup of Sparkling Spirits you can do so over at their website here.

Key Partnerships As Karrikin Expands Distribution

To help get more of their products into your hands here in Ohio they’ve made a couple of partners in the distribution side of things that will be doing just that. For Cleveland, they’ve partnered up with Beverage Distributors Inc and in Columbus their company, 17th Star Distributing. These folks will be working their tails off to get Karrikin into your favorite retailers this spring. Get excited, Ohio… there are lots of fun things coming as Karrikin expands distribution into your backyard!

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