I know that this is a hot topic, and I know that a lot of folks have really different opinions on the move to “start getting back to normal” – and because of that I’m going to try to avoid this being about my (or anyones) opinion, but just about what’s going on with our local breweries.

What’s important to keep reminding yourself through all of this is that there isn’t a brewery in town that doesn’t want to be open right now. They all want to see their guests sitting at the bar smiling, drinking pints of beer while laughing with their friends – but this stuff is really complicated, and the process of getting people out and about safely is going to be a little confusing, and difficult.

Bear with your local spot – be understanding through all of this.

Some Stuff To Keep In Mind

As you start getting out and about (or not) be patient. As much as a lot of us (myself included) often call this “getting back to normal” – we aren’t there. This isn’t going to be “normal” for a while and as you start showing your support, there’s a lot to keep in mind.

  • Keep supporting your local taprooms, but be smart. Don’t put yourself (or anyone else) in a situation that isn’t comfortable.
  • Listen to your local spot – they’re gonna have new rules.
  • Use social media to double-check things before you head anywhere.
  • If a taproom asks you to wear a mask when possible – wear a mask when possible.
  • Keep your group to less than 10 people.
  • Don’t move tables or chairs… they’ve been very carefully planned out!

The “Taproom ReOpening Process”

This whole process is going to be a little tough to follow along with. Not only are different states opening things up on different schedules – within that, different breweries are doing things their own way as well.

Ohio – Outdoor dining at restaurants and bars starts back up on 5/15, with indoor dining able to reopen on 5/21. While reopening, bars and restaurants will have floor plans designed to follow social distancing guidelines and people will be separated by physical barriers. Parties will also be limited to no more than 10 people.

Kentucky – Outdoor dining and 33% capacity indoor dining will start reopening on 5/22. The government has strict guidelines that a business must follow to reopen, and they must submit plans to show how they plan on doing so.

Indiana – Restaurants and bars that serve food may start reopening at 50% capacity, but bar seating must remain closed starting on 5/11.

Like I said… things are going to still be weird for a while, with most plans thinking that the reopening process will be finalized around the Fourth of July. It’s going to vary from place to place – which is why I’m here. I’ll try to keep this list updated with the plans for all our local spots, so stay tuned!

13 Below

  • The brewery’s taproom and patio are back open for business.

16 Lots

  • The taproom and patio are back open for business!

3 Points

  • Stay tuned for updates on their plans!


  • Alexandria’s taproom and patio are both reopened for business.

Bad Tom Smith

  • Bad Tom’s taproom is back open!


  • Bardwell is back open for business.

Big Ash

  • Big Ash has opened for business!


  • Bircus has reopened their taproom and their patio.


  • Braxton’s three taprooms are all back open!


  • The brewery is back open for business!

Cellar Dweller

  • Outdoor seating is back open!

Christian Moerlein

  • The lager house is back open, but the Malt House has closed “indefinitely”

Cincy Brewing Company

  • The patio and taproom are back open.

Common Beer Company

  • The patio is back open, but hang tight as The Common figures out the plans for how to reopen their taproom – keep your eye on social media!


  • Darkness is open for carryout only, with plans for onsite consumption coming soon!

Dead Low

  • Dead low’s patio and indoor restaurant are back open for business.


  • Both the taproom and the patio are back open!


  • Fibonacci is back open for business, with adjusted hours. Their drive-thru and home delivery services continue!

Fifty West

  • Fifty West has opened up their new burger bar for takeout, and alongside that their newly renovated outdoor space is available for your socially distanced outdoor drinking needs!


  • Figleaf’s newly renovated taproom and covered patio are open for business!

Firehouse Grill

  • The patio and indoor restaurant are opened back up for your business!


  • Indoor seating is back open at Fretboard in Blue Ash, and they’re working on a new patio to give you some outdoor drinking space too. In Hamilton dine-in service is also back open with the rooftop open weather dependant, of course.


  • Grainworks has reopened both their patio and their taproom!

Great Crescent

  • Great Crescent is back open for indoor and patio food service.

Happy 2 Brewing

  • Happy 2 is open for pickup and curbside service only still, until they can safely reopen their taproom in June.


  • The taproom and outdoor spaces are back open for beer service, but the kitchen is still not open. You’re welcome to bring your own food until they are able to safely reopen fully.


  • Stay tuned for updates on their plans!

Humble Monk

  • Humble Monk is back open for business!


  • Karrikin’s is back open, inside and outside!


  • Listermann’s taproom is back open, but on a reservation-only basis currently.

Little Miami

  • Little Miami is back open and ready for socially distanced business again!


  • MadTree is open for business with a lot of steps in place to make sure that they can do it safely.

March First

  • March First has reopened their taproom and patio for business!

Mash Cult

  • Stay tuned for updates on their plans!

Montgomery Public House

  • Montgomery Public House is officially open for business – inside and out!

Mt. Carmel

  • Mt. Carmel is open for business again, albeit in a new – socially distanced way!

Municipal Brew Works

  • Municipal Brew Works has opened their patio – and their taproom opens on Friday, 5/22 at noon. Part of the street will be blocked off this weekend for overflow crowds to bring a chair and relax.

Narrow Path

  • Narrow Path’s big outdoor space is open for business, with the taproom to follow soon enough!

NEW Ales

  • NEW Ales has a brand new beer garden open for your outdoor drinking happiness!

Nine Giant

  • Nine Giant is back open for business… though with extremely limited capacity for parties of 2-8 people.

Off Track

  • The Dunlap cafe patio is open for business!


  • The taproom and patio are back open for business!


  • The taproom and rooftop deck (weather dependant) are back open for business now!


  • Rivertown is back open!

Rolling Mill

  • The taproom is back open, and they have been pretty open about how tight things have gotten – canned beer will return after they are able to get stabilized again.

Sam Adams

  • Sam Adams is reopening their taproom and patio for business starting on 5/28.


  • Sonder is back open for your business – indoor and outdoor seating available!

Sons of Toil

  • Sons of toil has a lot of outdoor seating, and limited indoor space available for your business!


  • Streetside will be reopening their taproom on Friday, May 22nd at 11am. They’re waiting on approval, but once it’s all figured out, they’ll expand seating into their parking lot biergarten, too!

Swine City

  • The patio and green space is open for business at Swine City.


  • Both locations are open for indoor and outdoor dining and drinking.

Urban Artifact

  • UA doesn’t plan on reopening any part of their taproom or beer garden until June, but recognizes that things have been changing incredibly fast during all of this, so as is the case with most of our breweries – Follow them on social media for the latest updates!

West Side

  • West Side is officially back open for your business.


  • The taproom, deck and biergarten are officially opened back up!


  • Woodburn’s taproom and patio are back open for business.

Wooden Cask

  • Wooden Cask is back open for service – with plenty of tables inside and limited outdoor seating available.

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