I suppose that I should kick this post off with the standard disclaimer that I like to include when I write something based off of a label approval instead of an actual press release or information from a brewery themselves. This is speculation based on the fact that the brewery has received approval to make and release this beer. That doesn’t mean that they will, nor does it mean that all the details are final. There’s nothing to say that a brewery couldn’t send out one of these label approvals just to mess with bloggers like me. That being said, this is too exciting not to share with you. It’s all about pumpkin pie. [[Update – it’s coming! 8/12/20]]

The Best Pumpkin Pie

It’s amazing to see how a little 8″ pie – with countless competitors (some even really great ones) has managed to become so synonymous with fall in Cincinnati. Frisch’s has figured it out, and in my opinion, makes the absolute best pumpkin pie that you can find.

What makes it so great? It’s a combination of a lot of factors that are hard to nail. To start, the pie is textured perfectly. The body of the pie allows the spices to stand up tall, while not overpowering the actual pumpkin (Frisch’s cooks, and cans all their own pumpkin) – it’s a thing of beauty.

When it all comes together you are greeted by a pie that has become a best seller for the company, even for the short window that it’s available during the year. How can you take something like that and couple it up with a (speculative) beer? How can anyone live up to that dessert’s legendary status?

Taft’s Steps Up

No stranger to collaborating with local companies to create food inspired beers, Taft’s is up to the task. We don’t know a lot about this beer yet (we are only going off a label approval, here) but I have full faith in what these guys are cranking out lately.

Pumpkin beers are a tough cookie to crack. You can go lots of different directions with it (much like pie) and finding that perfect balance is a never ending experiment. Between the spice and actual pumpkin you’ve already got a tough mix to balance, but throw a base beer into the game too – and you’ve gotta know what you’re doing.

I keep your eyes peeled, this one should be appearing on local shelves soon!!

You can stay up to date on everything Frisch’s on their website here, or Taft’s can be found here.

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