You can’t talk about Cincinnati beer without mentioning Brink Brewing company. They’ve won more medals at GABF than any other local brewery, and have done it on the back of some amazing beers. To me, they have personified what it means to be a neighborhood brewery.

It hasn’t been easy, and with their head brewer/co-owner recently making the jump to a bigger brewery with the newly opened Third Eye Brewing in Sharonville… it seemed like a good time to touch base and talk about the last couple of years.

I sat down with Brink’s owner Andy McCleese to talk about how they’ve gotten to this point and how you direct and push forward a brewery like Brink without losing the parts that seem to make it so special to it’s legions of fans who fill the taproom with smiling faces.

Guests This Episode

  • Andy McCleese – Brink Brewing

From The Beer Fridge

  • Shisler Bros – Cream Ale

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