Figleaf and March First have come together as one company since the last time that we talked to either brewery. It’s hard to describe what that means though, without sitting down with the folks behind it all to see how the relationship really plays out on a day to day basis. These are two breweries that while yes… are under the same umbrella, still operate as separate pieces of the same team. It’s special.

In order to really get a good look at how it works, we dove in deep to it via the best way we know how… a few beers. We talked about how FigLeaf has changed, about where it all goes from here, and about what things each brand brings to each other in the bigger picture of it all.

Guests This Episode

  • Andy Allgyer – Figleaf Brewery
  • Brian Yavorsky – Figleaf Brewery
  • Bryan Fisher – March First Brewery
  • Alex Widolff – Figleaf Brewery
  • Josh Engel – March First Brewery

From The Beer Fridge

  • Figleaf – Starcrusher
  • Figleaf – Blackberry Breeze
  • Astra – Watermelon
  • Figleaf – Sous La Table

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