After a long, long wait Bad Tom Smith has finally introduced their own Bourbon brand this summer for their taprooms in Madisonville, and Ohio City. If you remember way back to 2015 when John and Sheryl first came in as new owners of the brewery they instituted a multitude of changes to the way things looked and operated there. As the taproom underwent a whole host of growth and revitalization they started hinting at some of the bigger changes that were in the longer-term goals like a new location… multiple locations, and spirits that were created just for their taproom guests.

It might have taken a while… but each of those things has finally come to fruition – and the Bad Tom of the past has given birth to a new brand, and a new place for folks to have a drink, no matter what their poison might be.

This new Bourbon is a fun one – while the brewery has been selling spirits from behind their bar for a while now, this is the first one that they have had a hand in producing and bringing to market for themselves, and it is the start of the next wave of big new things for them.

From their website, about the bourbon:

Bad Tom Smith was an American Outlaw from Breathitt County, Kentucky. He spent most of his adult life Cheating the Gallows. Before the noose was placed around his neck, he spoke to the 5,000 people who came to see him hang. “Bad women and bad whiskey have brought me where I am, don’t drink bad whiskey and do as I have done”.

Bad Tom Smith’s Breathitt County Straight Bourbon Whiskey is one that best represents a time when he was feared in Eastern Kentucky. Our first small batches of barrel strength, 21% rye we chose to bottle & cask bring you varying tasting profiles at 122 – 124 proof. We believe they best capture what Bad Tom Smith would have expected from real #BadAssInGlass.

You can enjoy a shot, or buy a bottle or 2L cask in our Cincinnati taproom. We will also be at select bars and restaurants in Cincinnati, Northern & Eastern Kentucky.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. Much more to come.

I’ll make sure to get my hands on a taste of this Bourbon as soon as I can, and as always, when I do I’ll be sure to let you know what I think. Even better, though… if you’re curious, head down to their Madisonville taproom and grab yourself a taste and let me know what to expect!

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