If you missed it last year… listen up. Actually, even if you didn’t miss it last year, you should probably listen up. Ciderpalooza is back! March First Ciderpalooza is gearing up this weekend (8/29 from noon-10pm) to provide you (and the rest of us) an unrivaled selection of cider, all under the same roof.

How’s This Work?

Ok… I recognize that how it works is a big question during this “weird” time right now. Last year’s Ciderpalooza was fantastic. Tons of people under the same roof, shoulder to shoulder. Everyone from the cider-curious to cider-nuts all together experiencing a wide range of what cider means.

That’s gotta look a little different, right?

The brewery is taking their big main taproom and patio and adding to it their back taproom and beer garden, as well. To make sure that folks have enough space to really spread out, they’re also going to rope off part of their parking lot so that you can really enjoy yourself… safely. Serving stations will be spread out all over to cut down on lines and make sure that things stay nice, and relax.

You’ll get tickets to snag your ciders (or beers if you need a break…) $3 will get you a 5oz pour – or you can get 10 for $25… and you’re gonna wanna get a few of them – there’s a lot to try.

The Cider

March First is bringing in 15 guest ciders from 11 different breweries from all around the country, in addition to featuring 17 creations of their own. That’s right, you read it correctly… 32 different ciders. Thirty Two. We’re talking some really fun stuff like Asian Pear Cider with Ginger and Chinese 5 Spice, Blueberry Maple Bourbon… and get this…. Cincinnati Chili Cider.

It’s about having fun with what cider is – and what cider can be.


To keep things rocking during the event, March First is bringing in some folks to play some live music during the event.

  • The Yacht Club Players
  • 90 Proof Twang Duo
  • The Dunby Four

You’ll wanna stick around just to hear some great music…


If you’ve been to March First, you know that you can always snag some pizza from their kitchen – but for an event like this they’re also bringing in reinforcements from El Cardenal Taqueria starting at 4pm.

The whole point here is that you’re not going to get hungry, you definitely won’t get bored – and for the love of God, you won’t get thirsty.

Do not miss this event. You won’t see many chances for you to experience this many ciders – well… anywhere, especially here in Cincinnati.

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