I talk a lot about our local breweries, bars and taprooms staying scrappy as 2020 kicks all our butts. Higher Gravity is a fantastic example of what that means. This Northside bar/bottleshop is an amazing example of staying diligent, and paying attention at how you adapt to the changing industry as the world around you seems to burst in to flames. They are selling this years Beervent calendars, which makes for a good excuse to grab a beer on a warm evening to talk about how they’re managing not only staying open and safe, but how they’re prepping for a second location at the same time.

These guys are great people and amazing stewards of craft beer in this city – enjoy this one… I know I did!

Guests This Episode

  • Jason Parnes
  • Nick Belleman

From The Beer Fridge

  • West Side – Lo-G
  • Melvin – Dry Hopper’s Guide To The Galaxy
  • Streetside – Puc It!

Show Notes

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