Brewery – Fretboard
Beer – Fugee
Style – Breakfast Ale
ABV – 6.1% ABV
IBUs – 15

Breakfast Ale – Brown Ale infused with French Toast, Vanilla and Cinnamon

Breakfast Ale? That’s not a style, is it? It might sound a bit like a marketing gimmick to you, right? Ahhh… but you’d be so, so wrong. Breakfast Ale is the absolute perfect way to describe this beer. They literally infuse this sucker with French Toast to make sure that it oozes breakfasty goodness, too.

First tapped in April of 2018, this beer didn’t take long to become a bit of a cult favorite around the Fretboard taproom, and it was given an absolute shot in the arm with it’s move into cans in 2020.

My Thoughts On Fretboard Fugee

In the glass Fugee looks unassuming. It’s dark brown with a foamy tan head on top.

The aroma immediately leaps out of the glass, though. Maple syrup and cinnamon dance in the air.

Fretboard’s Fugee is definitely a sweet beer, but it uses the cinnamon spice profile to balance out the sweetness near perfectly. It’s well rounded but most definitely packed full of breakfast flavors.

This beer is great for breakfast – but don’t feel bad if you find yourself cracking into one any other time of day, too.

Fugee on Prost!

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