As their Milford distillery in the historic Millcroft hits a new stride, the company that you probably know as Sycamore Distilling (that’s the distillery arm of March First Brewing) has announced this week that they are rolling out a new name for the brand – Cincinnati Distilling Company.

The New Spot

The new distillery is only “months” away from opening, and it’s going to be an incredible new addition to Old Milford, and to the Cincinnati spirits scene in general. March First has been working their butts off to get the space ready, and to stay true to what the new space requires.

The structures that were present in the new location were originally built in 1812, and were center to industry in the area. It’s a role that they aren’t taking lightly. The Kugler-Waldschmidt family owned two of the earliest commercial distilleries in the Cincinnati area dating all the way back to 1798, and by 1860 they were producing over 4000 barrels of whiskey annually. On that same spot in Milford, the new Cincinnati Distillery will restore the Kugler-Waldschmidt legacy.

The name change comes at a perfect time.

Cincinnati Distilling Company

Sycamore Distilling started back in 2017 with a small line of craft spirits including whiskey, bourbon, vodka and rum and since then have continued their growth and evolution into a regional powerhouse boasting over twenty different products in numerous categories.

Four of their products are medal winners at the 2020 US Open Spirits competition including their extremely popular Ohio Straight Bourbon which took gold and catapulted Sycamore to third place overall for national whiskey distilleries.

The choice to change their name is a move that will help the distillery tie themselves not just to their small bubble of a location, but to their entire region and the city of Cincinnati as a whole. It symbolizes a move by the distillery to take their role as a regional space much more seriously. And as they near the opening on an absolute gem of a space in Milford, it couldn’t be better timing.

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  1. Chris Christensen

    Is Cincinnati Distilling going to have rental space for small local business (women especially) available? How do I find out more details if this is indeed planned?

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