You’ve probably heard about this place. Certainly if you have your ear to the ground about Cincinnati beer, you have. Cartridge Brewing Company is located in the historic Peter’s Cartridge Factory, also known around these parts as the Powder Factory – and it’s been a big project that a lot of folks didn’t think would ever see the light of day.

Here we are, though… in the light of day for a brewery that is going to make a lot of people very, very happy. We sat down to explore their story a bit, dive into some of the beer and talk about how it all has come together. The best part? We only scratched the surface… I have a LOT more that I want to talk to them about, so you know you’ll be hearing more in the future!

Guests This Episode

  • Kyle Hackbarth
  • Lindsey Hackbarth
  • Anthony Cook
  • Adam Mills

From The Beer Fridge

  • Cartridge Brewing – Grenade
  • Cartridge Brewing – Leaded
  • Cartridge Brewing – Sabot
  • Cartridge Brewing – Holster
  • Cartridge Brewing – Hollow Point

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