Just a heads up… this is a long one. To my defense, though, I’ve been planning on this conversation for a very long time – and there was a lot of ground that we needed to cover, and an hour just wasn’t going to cut it when I sat down with Esoteric Brewing Company.

We talked about who they are, as people, and as a brewery too. We drank a few beers and might have even convinced them that they need to start their own podcast, too. All in all? I think it’s an absolute success! For more information about Esoteric, although you could read about them on TheGnarlyGnome.com – you can’t do much better than hitting up their website or following them on social media!

Guests This Week

  • Brian Jackson
  • Patrick Klesmith

From The Beer Fridge

  • Esoteric – Black is Beautiful
  • Esoteric – Chrysalis
  • Esoteric – Dahlia
  • Esoteric – Divine Matrix
  • Esoteric – Ethereal
  • Esoteric – Ethereal with Basil
  • Esoteric – Kallima
  • Esoteric – Lotus IPA
  • Esoteric – Mystic
  • Esoteric – Paramount Porter

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