I don’t need to tell you that our brewery scene here in Cincinnati is freaking amazing. You’re here… which means you drink our beer, right? You know that right now in this city there is some really amazing liquid being cranked out every day by a ton of breweries (we’ve got 70 of those right now with 63 different taprooms) – it’s an amazing time to be a drinker in Cincinnati.

I am not going to say that awards are the end-all-be-all of brewing beer. In a lot of ways they don’t mean a lot, but… but – they do showcase the quality of what we’re doing – and they most certainly provide some much-needed recognition to breweries that are standing out in this city. Going back to that idea that we’ve got a lot of great breweries… I have a list of all the awards that our breweries have won, and if you take a look at this massive list, you can definitely see that something has been going right.

The 2020 US Open Beer Championship

This is really amazing news… we just got the results from this year’s US Open Beer Championships, and I’ve never seen a showing like this. Cincinnati destroyed things (that’s in a very good way, this destruction) – 39 medals from 18 of our breweries? It’s insane. The updates have been made to my big post – and the competition has posted the results online – but I just had to make sure that the results were here, too.

Congratulations to all the winners below – and thank you, thank you, thank you for what you do to bring the prestige back home here to Cincinnati that we all know this beer scene deserves!

The 2020 US Open Beer Championship Results For Cincinnati

  • Gold Medals – 15
    • Alexandria – Cecilia’s Grace
    • Big Ash – Porter’s Porter
    • Common Beer Co – Fly Rod
    • Fretboard – Bootsy Brewski
    • Fretboard – Crazy Train
    • Grainworks – Scottish Mists
    • HighGrain – Oost
    • Listermann – Chickow!
    • Municipal Brew Works – Approachable Blonde
    • Narrow Path – Cerise Sauvage
    • Narrow Path – English Dissent
    • Narrow Path (with Third Eye and Wooden Cask) – TriKettle Tripel
    • Nine Giant – Minor Swing
    • Streetside – Raspberry Beret
    • Third Eye – Higher Purpose
  • Silver Medals – 14
    • Alexandria – JWR
    • Alexandria – Slayerator
    • Brink – Feeling Fritzy
    • Brink – Moozie
    • Listermann – Nutcase
    • Listermann – XII
    • MadTree – Phantom Forest
    • March First – Dubbel Chin
    • Municipal Brew Works – Blackberry Duelist
    • Municipal Brew Works – First Anniversary
    • Municipal Brew Works – Recovery Red
    • Northern Row – Test of Time
    • Rhinegeist – Cheetah
    • Third Eye – Groovy Baby!
  • Bronze Medals – 10
    • Brink – ESB
    • Common Beer Co – Dark Cloud
    • Grainworks – Bagpipes of Bardstown
    • Listermann – Smoked Porter
    • MadTree – Double Mitts
    • MPH – Das Weizen
    • Nine Giant – Coolverine
    • Rhinegeist – Perceptual Passion
    • Streetside – Warhead
    • Third Eye – Perfect Sight

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