Wodka Bar

1200 Main Street, OTR
(513) 381-3739

The late-night takeout window was a hit already… Pierogis as you wrapped up your busy night of drinking??? It’s amazing. But when Cincinnati’s Wodka Bar (that’s Vodka… with a Russian twist) opened it’s doors in 2019 the full vision of what owner Sarah Dworak had planned came into clear focus.

The entire idea of a bar that is devoted to Vodka, a spirit that bartenders in the new world of craft cocktails mocked for so long, is a strange one. But when you spend an evening underneath the beautiful stained glass chandelier of the Wodka bar, you realize that the spirit itself isn’t even the focus of what this fantastic bar is all about.

The bar is about small plates, gathering with friends and socializing. It’s about community, family… and of course those amazing pierogis.

It’s not surprising that Esquire took notice and saluted the bar with a spot on their coveted list of the best bars in America in 2020… this place is not just amazing, it’s surprising, which is hard to do with a bar in today’s crowded market.

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