Ugh… Alone in studio for the second week in a row. Cincy Brewcast is certainly not about being along in a basement studio – but with colds hitting our house last week… it’s how things are going to be. Dad-Life. I won’t let it stop me from getting this show out, though – although a little later than it’s supposed to be. As we head into the last few months of winter, we’re getting into one of my favorite times in Cincinnati… Bock beer season.

We’ve talked about Bock a few times on Cincy Brewcast, but I thought it was a great opportunity to dive into the history of the style a bit and some of the history of Bockfest to help get you excited for the upcoming beers that I sure hope will fill your beer fridge. We’re already starting to see the first few bocks hit shelves and tap lines around town and I’m excited!

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