Brewery – Fretboard
Beer – Vlad
Style – Pilsner
ABV – 5.3%
IBUs – 17

When you brew a serious Pilsner it deserves a serious name. Vlad is no compromise. This guy slays it! If you get stuck on this beer, we won’t be surprised. And if you ever read a book about Vlad the Impaler, Whoa! Look out. Grab a glass of Vlad. He was serious too.

It’s no mistake that this one has won the medals that it has… Vlad is fantastic. It was on tap when the brewery opened its doors back in 2017, and in fact, was the first-ever batch that they brewed while they were getting things online. When it was first released it had the full name ‘Vlad The Impaler’ but that was shortened over time to the almost loveable ‘Vlad’.

A pilsner, Vlad is an absolute showcase of what the brewery can do on the lager side of the game. The beer pays homage to the German heritage of Cincinnati, and is meant to stick through the test of time – a style that isn’t going away any time soon – something for them to really hang their hats on.


  • Silver Medal – 2018 World Beer Cup
  • Silver Medal – 2018 US Open Beer Competition
  • Silver Medal – 2020 Ohio Craft Brewer’s Cup

My Thoughts on Fretboard’s Vlad

When you pour Vlad, you’re greeted with a beer that is a little unassuming. light, bright and clear golden yellow. A thin white head sitting on top of the beer waiting to greet you.

Aromas drift from soft floral notes to a light earthy graininess.

The beer has all the flavors that I crave in a Czech style pilsner… it’s crisp and effervescent, floral hops dancing right next to the light bready malt body, with a minerally water note to hold it together.

A beer like this is a great reminder of why this style remains one of my favorites time and time again… it’s a balance of all the ingredients that are forced to come play together.

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