Dead Low Brewing has been through a lot in their short life here in the Cincinnati Craft Beer Community – and with the chaos that the last year has brought, they’re definitely looking forward to what the future has in store for them. I sat down this week with their head brewer, Grant Thompson, who came on board just as Covid hit the industry in 2020.

With how… “weird”, the last year has been, I know that a lot of folks haven’t had the chance to sit down and get to know him, and what he’s all about – so this episode spends a lot just diving into what makes him tick. We talk about how he got into the industry, how he ended up here in Cincinnati, and what he likes to brew. Of course… we drank a couple of beers along the way, too!

For more information about Dead Low Brewing, you can of course explore a bit here on my website, but make sure that you head over to their site for a great breakdown of what you can expect when you stop in. Speaking of stopping in… you should 100% do that, too. They’re in a great spot, right off the highway by Coney Island and Riverbend – get out there and check them out!

Guests This Episode

  • Grant Thompson – Dead Low, Head Brewer

From The Beer Fridge

  • Dead Low – Zwickel Pilsner
  • Dead Low – Circadian Detachment
  • Dead Low – Schwarzbier
  • Dead Low – Division Channel
  • Dead Low – First Of All
  • Dead Low – Crazy Yvan

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