This was a little different. I had an idea, and some goofy behind-the-scenes stuff that I needed to test out – so we rolled with it. I called a couple of friends (Justin and Danny from Sonder) and we did a long-distance Brewcast that hopefully doesn’t sound too much like it. The idea was simple… I threw together two little packs of beers for a blind tasting – none of us knew what beers were what, and we just started drinking, and talking.

If you have been listening along with the journey of Cincy Brewcast since the beginning, you know that shows like this are how we sort of started – just fun ideas with good people and some beers… I hope to bring a little bit of that spirit back in the future.

While the beers that we drank weren’t the freshest, it really wasn’t the point. It was about the conversation, the act of “getting together” and having a drink… even if it was digitally.

Guests This Episode

  • Danny Herold – Sonder Brewing
  • Justin Neff – Sonder Brewing

From The Beer Fridge

  • Wolf’s Ridge – Heartlandia
  • Brew Dog – Kaiser Co-Op
  • Seventh Son – Millstone
  • Heineken – 0% Non-Alcoholic (just listen… it was curiosity)

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