I’ve been waiting to do this show for a very long time… It’s a heavy one. I haven’t sat down with Dogberry Brewing company (on the Brewcast), and the brewery’s owner Tony Meyer for a couple of years now, and there is a lot that has happened in that time.

I wanted to give Tony a chance to tell his story, not because you guys don’t understand the terrible things that have happened in the last year – but because it is really important to understand who DogBerry is.

It’s not that any of this has changed fundamentally who they are – but it has solidified it in a way that not many things are able to do. I love these guys – and you deserve to hear this story from Tony’s own voice.

Guests This Episode

  • Tony Meyer – DogBerry Brewing

From The Beer Fridge

  • DogBerry – Freiheit Bock

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