Linsey Kraeling runs the Tour de Cincinnati – which is a website that if you aren’t already familiar with – you need to quickly make yourself familiar with. It’s a one stop guide to all things Cincinnati, from top ten lists to a whole slew of reviews and advice on places to go. It’s incredible.

She’s got a wealth of beer information on her site, how could you write about Cincinnati and not have beer information? Which means I needed to get her on the show – and this week (in the middle of my Covid lockdown) seemed like a great time. I was locked in my basement, and she was kind enough to keep me company for a little bit to talk about her website, social media, Cincinnati, and how it all comes together.

Enjoy this episode – and if you don’t already follow her on social media – do it!

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From The Beer Fridge

  • Listermann – Shamrock Shake
  • Sonder – Record Hop (Northern Discovery Hops)

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