If you’re a nut for donuts, (and let’s be honest with ourselves, we all are) you know the name Holtman’s. And if you’re a geek for beer, (and let’s be honest, you aren’t here on this website if you aren’t) you know the name Grainworks. Alone these two names are creating some amazing stuff in their own spaces – donuts and beer. But the collaboration gods were thinking highly of us (the drinkers, and donut eaters) this year when they looked down and spoke, bringing these two names into the same sentence:

Holtman’s and Grainworks have created a collaboration.

This? This is the stuff that kicks my palate into full on prep mode… salivating at the thought.

The Beer

Perfect for the warm afternoons that are ahead of us – the beer that has been birthed out of this collaboration is a Gose. It’s made with lime, and toasted coconut (to go with the donut, which we’ll talk about in a moment) along with some other secret ingredients to give it the perfect “donut like” taste.

This beer isn’t just donut inspired – it was built from the ground up for this very purpose… bringing beer and donut together in harmony.

We might be the luckiest people on the planet right now.

The Donut

This isn’t just any old donut that the folks at both places grabbed off the shelf to inspire a fun beer. This donut is created just for Grainworks. It’s the perfect match to the beer, it’s the perfect match to sunshine that I promise is coming back… it’s a lime, coconut, donut. What more needs to be said?

This donut looks absolutely amazing – I can’t even… I need this in my life, right now. I have been a massive fan of Holtman’s after they became a part of my morning routines once a week before school when I spent a year or so growing up in Goshen, Ohio. These folks have been doing this for a long time – and they do it really, really well.

The Release Event

This Saturday (4/24/21) in the Grainworks taproom you get the chance to experience all this donutty goodness for yourself. The brewery is releasing this beer with a free event that I think you’ll wanna be at. From 1-4pm you’ll be able to purchase the new donut as a pairing with the new Lime Coconut Donut Gose – or buy it individually, of course… because one donut is never enough.

The donut will be discounted with the purchase of a pint or a four pack to-go – that’s right… it’s getting canned, too. The beer will be packaged in four packs of 16oz cans, so you can snag a few and fill up a cooler for that next warm afternoon (again… I promise it’s coming). The beer will be available starting Tuesday, April 27th at select retailers, bars, and restaurants, so keep your eyes open for it at your favorite spot.

If it’s been a while since you’ve been out to support Grainworks and show them some love – It’s time, folks! This is the excuse that you’ve been waiting for! DONUTS!!!!

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