Covid has been tough, and there are lots of places that we craft beer drinkers were worried about. The small, neighborhood places were hit hard, and at the start of the pandemic we were preparing ourselves for the worst. As we find ourselves close to the hopeful end of it all, it’s an amazing feeling to sit down in the beer garden of one of those places knowing that not only did they make it through – they are seemingly better than ever.

It’s been far too long – but it’s as good as always to sit down with owners Mark and Amy Lortz of the Common Beer Company to talk about what they’re working on. We drank a few beers, enjoyed the sunshine and hopefully give you a little sneak peek into why so many folks have fallen in love with them, their space, and of course their beers!

Guests This Episode

  • Mark Lortz
  • Amy Lortz

From The Beer Fridge

  • The Common – Dark Cloud
  • The Common – Dooley
  • The Common – In The Tank
  • The Common – Muzzy
  • The Common – Ni
  • The Common – Savvy Mingle
  • The Common – Zummy

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