Zane freaking Lamprey. I have wanted to get this man on my show for a very, very long time. An inspiration to what I do as a “drinking content creator” or whatever this journey I’m on is, and a really, really funny dude, Zane has pioneered the way for people who want to entertain around drinking culture. He’s getting ready to hit the road all across the country to have a pint or two and put on a standup show in taprooms and it provided the perfect opportunity for him to make an appearance.

We talked about his upcoming tour and chatted about his career, and how he’s got from point A, to where he his today… point G? It’s been a long winding road, and I find the route pretty fascinating.

Do yourself a major favor, and head over to to check out his company that not only provides some fantastic outdoor gear, but plants three trees each time you buys something. Also… make sure that you head over to his website to grab your tickets for the tour – they’re making stops at a few cities around – including right here in Cincinnati at Fretboard in September.

Guests This Episode

  • Zane Lamprey (If you couldn’t tell by the show title)

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