This idea is a little strange, yet, that’s a big reason why I love it as much as I do! Urban Artifact discovered a little bit of living brewers yeast, deep underground in a lagering tunnel where the F &JA Linck brewery used to exist more than a hundred years ago. They took that yeast, named it, and made a beer with it. That idea has birthed an entire festival called Missing Linck Fest, in which the team invites breweries from all over to try their hand at it, create a beer using this yeast and to see what happens.

It’s literally a way for every brewery to try their hand at tapping into the past.

We talked about Missing Linck a couple of years ago on the show – back when they thought they were launching the festival… but because of the “stuff” last year – it didn’t quite happen as planned. This year still isn’t back to normal, yet, but the festival has arrived.

On this episode we drink the beer, and talk about what it means and what the festival is all about. Of course – we head right down a couple rabbit holes, as I’ve learned it’s pretty easy to get myself distracted when a great beer is in my hand. Great time? Yeah… it was a great time.

Guests This Episode

From The Beer Fridge

  • West Side Brewing – Missing Linck

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