It’s a little crazy to think about when you talk to beer geeks here in Cincinnati – but if you’re going to count Brew Dog, Platform or North High as local craft beer spots… local taprooms, or whatever you might classify them as, you can’t also leave off BJ’s. Yes… it’s a chain. No, they aren’t cranking out groundbreaking beer that will get you lining up for a release. But they’re doing something that few places like them have managed to do – survive.

I made a quick phone call to Marco (you know him from Cellar Dweller) and we grabbed a flight of beer to talk about what makes BJ’s who they are. We explored how they’ve managed to survive when others like them haven’t. We just talked over a few beers, and it was a blast!

I won’t ever claim that BJ’s is my favorite taproom, or that they’re a “local brewery” – but I’ll definitely shout from the rooftops that you should pay a little more attention to them than you probably do!

Guests This Episode

  • Marco Penilla – Cellar Dweller

From The Beer Fridge

  • BJ’s Brewhouse – Lightswitch Lager
  • BJ’s Brewhouse – Harvest Hefeweizen
  • BJ’s Brewhouse – Nutty Brewnette
  • BJ’s Brewhouse – Committed, DIPA

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