I am falling deeper in love with the city of Hamilton every time I get a chance to hang out there. This underrated northern suburb has more going for it than I think a lot of folks understand, and I’m glad to have two episodes in a row dedicated to businesses that are located there. This week I sat down for my first show at the Casual Pint in Hamilton, though owner Ann Marie has been on the show before to speak about what they’re doing over there. Somehow, they’ve taken a concept that seems very simple and managed to put an incredible, local spin on it that is hard to put into words.

We drank a beer or two, and we talked about how in the world they’ve managed to do what they’ve done, and how big of a role the city itself plays into that. We also explored a little bit what might be in store for ‘The Pint’ in the near future… It’s a heck of a show!

Guests This Episode

  • Ann Marie Cilley – The Casual Pint, Hamilton

From The Beer Fridge

  • Blend – Goose Island 312 Shandy/FatHeads Bumbleberry

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