I love this time of year. No… I’m not talking about the approach of fall or the chilling of the evening air. I’m not even talking about football season, even though I love that too. I’m talking about Oktoberfest season. Cincinnati has some amazing Oktoberfest festivals – a lot of them, in fact. It can be hard to keep track of what’s happening this time of year – so I like to keep a little list for you to refer to.

These are the best of the best festivals that you can attend. From small gatherings at a traditional bar or massive festivals that cover the streets of Cincinnati – we’ve got it all!

If you see that I’m missing something here, just shoot me a message and we’ll either get it updated or nicely tell you why that festival sucks and doesn’t belong on the list.

If you’re looking for all the information about THIS year’s Oktoberfest celebration – check out this!

August Oktoberfests

  • Grainworks Oktoberfest 8/6
    • Check out the event page on Facebook for all the details, but between beer, food, music, and games – along with the tapping of their seasonal Marzen – this is going to be a great event! (they’re even a qualifying venue for the US Steinholding Association). Put it on that calendar!
  • Seven Mile Oktoberfest – 8/19 – 8/20
    • For one weekend, the little town of Seven Mile transforms itself with German music, dancers, and of course… celebration!
  • Germania Oktoberfest – 8/26 – 8/28
    • Back this year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of what I call the best Oktoberfest celebration in the city. If you haven’t been before… do yourself a big, big favor. Go.
  • Braxton’s Oktober Fuel Biergarten – 8/27
    • This yearly tradition is a great way to celebrate the return of Braxton’s Oktober Fuel. One of the first lagers that they ever brewed, this traditional styled Marzen is always a hit when it comes back for the fall season, and the brewery turns their taproom into a German Biergarten to celebrate!

September Oktoberfests

  • Liberty Home Association Oktoberfest – 9/2 – 9/4
    • This one is super, super fun. They nail all the pieces to make a great Oktoberfest – including a really nice mix of traditional German beer alongside local staples.
  • Springboro Oktoberfest – 9/9 – 9/10
    • This two-day festival is sponsored by Warped Wing and is produced by a local church with the strong aim of creating family fun. That doesn’t mean it won’t have all the beer and food that you could want to make it a proper celebration!
  • West Side Brewing Oktoberfest – 9/10
    • They’re tapping five additional German-style beers at West Side, to couple up with a festival full of Stein Holding, German Music, German Food, Big Beers, and all the celebrating that you’d expect!
  • Covington Oktoberfest – 9/9 – 9/11
    • This event is sponsored by Braxton, so you know that they’re going to have liters of some great beer around for you to enjoy. Tucked into Mainstrausse, it has plenty of German influences that will make you feel like you’re doing things the right way. Food, music, beer… what else could you ask for?
  • HighGrain’s Village Oktoberfest – 9/10
    • These folks get it. Not only is HighGrain making some excellent lager beer, they know how to throw a local-focused Oktoberfest celebration that pays homage to the tradition, while still being all about home.
  • Oktoberfest Zinzinnati – 9/16 – 9/18
    • I am fully aware of some of the complaints that folks have around Oktoberfest Zinzinnati – but you can’t deny its importance during the season here in town. It’s the biggest, it’s the boldest… it’s always worth a visit down with the family!
  • Loveland Oktoberfest – 9/23 – 9/24
    • Loveland turns into an absolute hub of German-style celebration for their Oktoberfest celebration each year. It’s a great opportunity to spend some time in one of my favorite little towns in the area (and visit Narrow Path…)
  • Oktoberfest Newport – 9/23 – 9/25
    • It’s one of the longest Oktoberfest festivals in the area for a good reason, Newport knows how to do things! 3 days of a ton of fun!
  • Sonder and Friends Oktoberfest – 9/24
    • This has quickly become my favorite local “craft beer” Oktoberfest in its short life. Knowing exactly what community means to a festival like this, Sonder knocks it out of the park.

October Oktobefests

  • Donauschwaben Oktoberfest – 9/30 – 10/2
    • Another one of the big festivals by one of Cincy’s German societies – if you know… you know. This isn’t one you want to miss if you like making the Oktoberfest rounds (which if you’re reading this, I assume that you do!)

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