It’s a different world, this “craft beer” thing that we’re currently in. Gone are the days that you can just throw together a brewery, put a picnic table or two in your warehouse and operate a successful business. You have to do more, and you have to do better. You can see clear evidence of this when you look around Cincinnati at the places that have opened.

This show is about that other side that people desire.

Cartridge Brewing Company made it a point to create a business that not only caters to craft beer fans, but as a restaurant to foodies, and as a full service bar to cocktail nerds, too.

I am a cocktail nerd.

On this episode of Drinking With The Gnome, we roll through some cocktails and talk about that process of creating a great cocktail menu that satisfies as many people as possible.

Thank you to the folks at Cartridge Brewing Company for the hospitality (that means “thanks for the drinks and the conversation!!!”) and if you haven’t been out there to have a cocktail in addition to a beer – well… you know what to do!

Guests This Episode

  • Kyle Hackbarth – Cartridge Brewing Company
  • Lindsey Hackbarth – Cartridge Brewing Company
  • Sara Haarman – Cartridge Brewing Company

What’d We Drink?

  • 1890 – Cartridge’s twist on the Paloma
  • GMP Old Fashioned – You know it… their version of an Old Fashioned
  • Hairpin Turn – Islandy, Fruity… this is right up my alley.

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