When we last sat down with the folks at Middletown’s N.E.W. Ales it was March of 2020. The brewery was brand new, excited for the future, and they had big plans on running their nano brewery as a production only space for the near future. I don’t want to spoil anything if you just woke up from a coma, but 2020 was pretty messed up.

Everything changed.

N.E.W. Ales was forced to very quickly do something that craft breweries have proven to be great at – adapt. The brewery started doing beer to go, and then put together a fantastic outdoor beer garden, and then a small taproom in their space. When I say small, I’m not just exaggerating – it’s tiny – but that’s part of their magic.

This week we sat down, had a few beers and talked about what makes it all work. How do you shift with things when you’re that new? They’ve handled all of these changes better than a lot of folks would have anticipated them to – and the beer that they’re putting out is great, too.

It’s certainly worthy of a long conversation!

Guests This Episode

  • Beth O’Harra – N.E.W Ales
  • Nikki Heupel – N.E.W Ales
  • Wes Heupel – N.E.W Ales

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