This year marks 160 of them since Arnolds has been operating. Considering how many ups and downs the business has endured (including the last couple of years) I think it’s fitting that we help these guys celebrate endurance and survival as best as we can!

The Anniversary Celebration

How do you celebrate a business that’s been operating in the same location since 1861? You throw a party in which the customers reap all the benefits, that’s how! They’re doing just that tonight, Wednesday, December 29th (yeah, they’re just getting this one in before the end of the year, cut them some slack, it’s been a rough one)

It all starts with the first fifty folks to come in. Each one will receive a free t-shirt designed by local artist Rob Warnick. Then they (and all the folks who aren’t as quick to get there) get to enjoy $1.60 draft beers from open to close, too.

If that’s not enough to get you satisfied… the $1.60 theme continues into the appetizers, too (a beer and an appetizer for $3.20 – I like the way this sounds!)

They’ll have live music rocking the building thanks to one of Cincinnati’s most popular bluegrass bands, Moonshine Drive – and if you’ve ever been to one of the events at Arnold’s, you know it’s going to be a freaking blast.

Want to Know More About Arnold’s?

This bar is a special place here in Cincinnati – and if you aren’t already aware of them, you need to be! Make sure you read up on them here on the website or visit them via their website, or social media (or better yet… in person!)

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