I love this time of year. It’s not just the holidays themselves, or the fantastic seasonal beers that we get to enjoy, though. There’s a bit of a forced retrospection that we enjoy. There’s something about the end of another calendar year that makes you look back at all we’ve endured, and with optimism look forward to what’s coming.

That’s what this show is about.

I was joined by my good friends from Truth Beer and Podsequences Marco and Julia along with new friend John from Cellar Dweller to have a peek forwards and backward to see where we all think we are with craft beer right now. We drank a few beers along the way – and had an absolute blast hanging out for a bit at BC’s Montgomery.

Guests This Episode

  • Julia Rohs – Truth Beer and Podsequences
  • Marco Penilla – Truth Beer and Podsequences/Cellar Dweller
  • John Lee – Cellar Dweller

From The Beer Fridge

  • Spice Spice Baby – The Butcher and The Brewer
  • Great Lakes – Christmas Ale

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