I promise that this isn’t all bad news. I do recognize, though, that we might need to feel some grief together for a little bit. Braxton Labs is Closing. Take a deep breath and feel what you need to feel about that, then let’s talk about why it isn’t the doom and gloom or sadness that you might first feel from that. There are positive pieces of this news, and there are definitely a few points I want to make before you jump off a cliff.

First, let’s understand what Braxton labs is was all about.

Experimentation, Innovation, Creativity.

When Braxton opened up Labs back in 2017 it was about creating a space that allowed them to brew new styles. It was designed as a pilot system of sorts, a playground – I guess. The idea was to open up a space that allowed them to experiment while leaving their Covington taproom space available for growth and core styles.

2017. You guys… a whole bunch has changed since then. Not just in craft beer, but with Braxton. Their taproom has continued to grow – they’ve added two other taproom spaces here in Cincinnati – and the need for a space to innovate is a little different.

Innovation now finds its way into every one of their taprooms. In fact… what labs was all about is probably more important now than ever before – but it doesn’t need its own space to live separate from the brand. It needs to become a critical part of who Braxton is going forward.

Labs Is Reborn

The news post that Braxton put out this morning hints at what we’re talking about here. It showcases four Labs beers in new branding. Fresh, bright, and very much alive.

Labs is going to become a big part of the portfolio of Braxton rolling forward. Not that it wasn’t before… but bigger.

You’ll see innovation, creativity, and experimentation through a new series of beers that will hit stores, sit alongside the core Braxton brands that you know and love.

The Loss of the Taproom

This isn’t due to the pandemic, or a Covid closure.

In fact… if you read this article in Citybeat it will give you a big hint at one of the reasons this is happening. Party Source is going to be using the space to add a new Bourbon bar and event space in the back of the store.

The closure of the Labs taproom is part of a couple of much bigger moving pieces that you have to keep in mind. From the plans that Party Source has to keep growing (Bourbon is sort of big right now…) to Braxton looking for ways to better tie this brand into their core – it had to happen.

If you loved spending time in the Labs taproom, there are 3 other Braxton taprooms for you to take your dog, go hang out and have the same beers you were enjoying.

And… if you live close to Labs, you live close to several taprooms that I will highly recommend any given night of the week.

Here’s The Big Takeaway

I understand your sadness, I really do. I probably hate seeing a taproom close more than the average beer drinker in Cincinnati – but I don’t want you to end the day today sad for what is happening this week with Braxton. I want you to end your day with excitement for what is happening to the Labs brand – and a curious excitement for what is coming down the road from Braxton.

You know that these guys understand how to run a brewery – they aren’t done playing around with new ideas, innovating and experimenting – both on the beer side, the taproom side, and beyond.

They aren’t done with anything, yet.

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  1. I had a lot of good times at 8-Ball and Braxton Labs. I’ll have a drink when the new bar opens but as a beer guy this is sad news.

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