This is exciting news for the folks over at Urban Artifact. The sour/wild/fruit beer-focused brewery is kicking things into a new gear by bringing on a new team member that should help them step up their game quite a bit.

Khisha Asubuhi has been a headliner and team player throughout her career. Urban Artifact’s press release explains that after developing her skill set at Indiana University and the University of Cincinnati, she moved to the United States Post Office where she spent the last 16 years of her career focused on business development and customer service.

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That’s not even the good stuff. In 2009 Khisha started a small business – Originalitees. This was one of Cincinnati’s hugely successful small businesses. She was a finalist in Artworks’ Big Pitch competition and over the last few years has built a great career as a community and relationship partner. She brings folks together by teaching, coaching, and forging new connections.

I think you get the point here… she’s going to do a killer job taking Urban Artifact to the next level as their new Marketing Manager.

It may not be big news that directly affects what’s in your fridge, but if you’re like me and you like seeing our beer scene keep growing and improving, it should help you get fired up for what’s coming in the future seeing places like Urban make investments that aren’t just about the latest and greatest trendy beer releases that nerds are clamoring for.

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