Nothing will get a group of beer geeks more riled up than a good conversation about IPA. You’ll get different opinions on what they’re supposed to taste like, who makes the best, and what they want to fill their fridge with on an everyday basis. It’s a hard thing as a brewery to understand and find your place within.

Braxton has been working their butts off to try to fill the gap in their portfolio that is just this – an everyday IPA that is suited to every beer drinker, and they think that they finally have it nailed with this latest release.

They call it Switch.

About The Beer

Switch is built from the ground up to try to please the biggest group of drinkers that the brewery can possibly please. It’s not Tropic Flare (their NE IPA) or some big Imperial beast of a boozy IPA. This is supposed to be accessible and enjoyable for the average drinker, as well as the beer geek.

It’s hopped up with Centennial and Cascade hops. You’re familiar with this flavor combo, right? Citrus, floral – nice bold bitterness that cuts right through. This is a west coast IPA that will hopefully make a lot of folks really, really happy to fill up a big chunk of their fridge with it. The beer clocks in at 6% ABV, just bold enough to stand up on its own – but not enough to knock you on your butt if you want to drink a couple of them.

You’ll be able to find this beer everywhere that you find Braxton. It’s gonna make its way into their whole distribution footprint starting March 1st and will retail in six-packs for $10.99 as well as 15 packs for $17.99

Need It Now? Get It Now

The brewery will be unveiling this beer at the same time as they officially unveil their newly renovated taproom in Covington on Saturday, February 26th. They tore out the entire middle section of the taproom to bring us closer to the brewing action and really open the space up to allow more folks to have a beer.

If you haven’t been down in the last week or so to see what they’ve been doing, this might provide you a great excuse to do just that.

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